Sensory Processing

What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory Integration is the organisation of sensation for use.

In order for children to play, learn and interact with other children and their environment, their brains have to organise countless bits of sensory information which are entering the brain simultaneously. When sensations flow in a well organised and integrated way then the brain is able to

  • form perceptions
  • co-ordinate movements
  • direct behaviour
  • make learning possible

Children can then play and develop basic skills which will help them through life.

If the brain is not sorting out this continuous flow of sensations effectively then everything becomes like a huge traffic jam with all it’s attendant frustrations, pent up emotions and missed opportunities. For most children play and learning is effortless fun but for children with poor sensory integration it often:

  • takes extra effort
  • requires more concentration
  • is frustrating
  • can be unrewarding

The development of new skills and appropriate behaviour depends on the efficient organisation of the vital information our senses provide. We need good sensory integration in order to make sense of our world and function at our best.

“Sarah and Susanna were great all the way through Ruby’s assessment and treatment. Now we know the root of her issues and how best to deal with her needs at school and in everyday life. This has been really helpful for ALL of us – I can’t thank you enough.” T.B.  Gateshead


In order for children to play, learn and interact with other children and their environment, sensory integration can be key.


These can be as varied as clumsiness, poor gross motor skills or a delay in reaching milestones, to name a few. See the full range in this section.


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