Assessments & Costs

We have a range of services available and will work with flexibility to meet the needs of you or your child.


  • We can perform initial assessment if your child is exhibiting any of the traits listed on the signs and symptoms page.
  • We will assess a wide range of difficulties including delayed development, developmental co-ordination disorder, dyspraxia, sensory modulation and sensory integration dysfunction. 
  • We will prepare a full and comprehensive assessment report that will detail our findings and make our recommendations.
  • Where applicable we will design and implement a therapy plan specifically to meet the needs of your child to address their difficulties. A quotation for the cost of this treatment will also be provided at this time.



  • We will read and analyse the assessment report you have already been provided with, and suggest a treatment plan based on this. In most cases in this scenario there is no need to put your child through a further assessment (or you the additional cost) in order to help your child.
  • We will only charge for the time to read and analyse the report initially, and then if a treatment plan is recommended, this will be accompanied by a quotation of costs.


The assessment will be carried out by both OT and PT together  using a range of standardised and non-standardised assessment equipment such as:

  • Movement Assessment Battery for Children
  • The Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration
  • Developmental Test of Visual Perception
  • Sensory Profile
  • Sensory Integration Clinical Observations
  • Handwriting Assessment
  • Functional Assessments e.g. dressing, cutlery skills
  • Play skills
  • D.A.S.H (Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting)

There are times when standardised assessment may not be appropriate for a child. In this instance, play based therapeutic activities will be used to explore your child’s abilities and difficulties.

How much does it cost?

  • Full assessment including follow up to discuss report: £550
  • Sensory Profile analysis: £250
  • Treatment session – £60
  • School Visit – £75
  • Arranged Telephone consultation – £25 per half hour
  • Training sessions, please enquire
  • Medico-legal reports, please enquire

“Sarah and Susanna were great all the way through Ruby’s assessment and treatment. Now we know the root of her issues and how best to deal with her needs at school and in everyday life. This has been really helpful for ALL of us – I can’t thank you enough.” T.B.  Gateshead